My journey from being a young-earth Creationist, Dispensationalist Republican to seeing my neighbor as worthy of my vote

This article originally appeared on October 27, 2020 at Baptist News Global.

My body was tense as I sat in the white-walled classroom of my Baptist high school in Middle Georgia. With the sounds of pretend canons firing at the Civil War reenactment across the street, I listened to my teacher tell us about how President Bill Clinton was preparing to declare himself “President Forever,” and then hand the United States over to the United Nations.

We were a young-earth Creationist, Dispensationalist school that believed Y2K would bring about a seven-year Tribulation during which the United Nations would force everyone either to worship the antichrist or be decapitated. With my salvation always in doubt, I could not be certain that I would be raptured away to heaven with all the Christians beforehand. So having Democrats in charge of the United States meant I was in danger of being decapitated.

So how on earth did I go from being afraid of losing my head to voting for Democrats for the first time just 20 years later?

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