Meet the Theobros, who want you to know they’re right about everything

This article originally appeared on June 28, 2021 at Baptist News Global.

In this world of spiritual warfare, theological compromise and Republicans losing the White House, there lives a group of men, mostly white, who put on their armor, saddle up and ride into the glorious battlefield known as Twitter. They alone wear the belt of truth as they stand firm against the wiles of the Devil.

Who are these men? They are the Theobros.

Their mission? Correcting women’s theology on Twitter.

Just a quick Twitter search of “Theobros” will reveal the extents to which many of these men will go in order to put women in their place for the sake of the “created order,” which according to these men has them at the top.

Baptist News Global recently interviewed Kristin Du Mez, Kathy Barbini, Sheila Gregoire and Chrissy Stroop to hear their thoughts on this phenomenon of white conservative evangelical men policing women’s theology on Twitter.

Continue reading at Baptist News Global.

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